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Set of 12 Agility Rings

PRICE $12.95
List Price: $18.95 - Savings: $6.00

Set of 12 agility rings.

Great for footwork, speed and agility training. Packaged in set of 12 - 4 red, 4 blue and 4 yellow.

Agility Ladder

PRICE: $24.95
List Price: $49.95 - Savings: $25.00

An essential tool for coordination, agility, balance and speed training. 18" x 10 yds with adjustable plastic rungs. Includes carrying handle and bag.

Ace Coaching Cards

An excellent coaching tool!

PRICE $10.95

64 laminated and weatherproof coaching cards broken down into the following categories:
* Midfield and Supporting Play
* Finishing Practices
* Team Play
* Goalkeeping and Defending
Each card diagrams a specific practice, gives the objective, organization and coaching points.
Easy to choose and easy to use.

Beep Test - Multistage Fitness Test (Audio CD)

PRICE $29.95

Popularly known as the "Beep Test", this audio cassette and booklet provide the tools necessary to administer a progressive shuttle-run test for the prediction of Maximum Oxygen Intake. Used by top coaches in the US and Europe, this test will allow you to monitor your players` aerobic fitness with consistently reliable results. It can also be used by players in the off-season to challenge themselves to maintain peak conditioning levels.
All you need is this CD, a CD player and 2 markers placed 20 meters apart.

NSCAA Match Analysis Notebook

Very Useful! A MUST HAVE TOOL for coaches at all levels

PRICE $8.95

The Match Analysis component of the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) Academy ties the theoretical basis of training into something concrete. As most of our training is based upon observations from the match, it is important that coaches develop exceptional match analysis skills.
This handy notebook is the ideal tool for: Individual Player Analysis, Group Analysis and Team Analysis.