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Manchester United Season Review 2008/09

A season of dramatic last gasp goals, stunning long range strikes, a record breaking defense and the emergence of a new breed of teenage talent.

PRICE $29.95

Story told by Sir Alex Ferguson

The 2008/9 season will be remembered as one of the most successful in the club's illustrious history, a season when the Reds retained their rightful position as Champions of England, while becoming the first English club to be crowned Champions of the World.

Chelsea FC Season Review 2008/09

SIX Chelsea DVDs available. Take your pick. All the same price.

PRICE $29.95

The 2008/09 season will go down as one of the most dramatic and exciting in Chelsea FC's long and illustrious history. A mid-season change of manager, a devastating departure from the Champions League and a famous victory in The FA Cup Final are just some of the moments to remember.
Enjoy all the best action including every goal from every game as well as exclusive interviews with Guus Hiddink, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Jose Boswinga, and Petr Cech in this comprehensive look back at Chelsea FC's 2008/09 season.

Brazilian Skills Circuit Soccer DVD

A brilliant coaching DVD

PRICE $29.95

These excellent young players demonstrate their unique Skills Circuit where they show how they develop their Dribbling, Passing, Receiving and 1 and 2 Touch skills.
Coach Sergio de Silva then takes his players through a series of exercises which develop further their Passing, Shooting and Receiving skills and how they set up their defensive and attacking Direct Kicks.

Coaching 9 to 14 Year Olds

A great investment for youth talent

PRICE $29.95

This DVD applies basic fundamental technique to real and pertinent game situations. A logical progression of exercises from 1v1 to 3v3 is followed by an overview of the basic principles of zonal defending (with exercises to teach all aspects of the zone system) and finally a coaching progression for orientated ball possession.

* 1v1 to 3v3 for a cross
* 1v1 to 3v3 at goal
* Challenged heading
* Basic principles of zonal defending
* Games to improve ball possession skills

Futsal Made in Brazil - Coaching Futsal Skills DVD

PRICE $29.95

This DVD emphasizes the important technical skills of Futsal - passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting, heading, beating an opponent, basic fundamentals of defense.